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Buying Used stair lift

Buying a used stair lift

Used stair lift is a 2nd hand recycled one so before buying a used stair lift you need to be sure about your use and the features of the item you are purchasing whether its is tallying or not.
Used stair lift is a good option for those who is aware of the fact that the stair lift will be used in temporary period may be after a injury or in post –surgery period. It may save hundred of dollars and it is a good option than to change the interior of house because of the stair inconvenience.
Stair lifts are used to minimize the risk of falling of the disabled person who is lacking in movement control. So the used one needs to be in good condition so it is wise to purchase it from authentic used stair lift counters where the seller stands for its quality.
In case of first hand stair lift the width of the track, rail can be measured whereas this facility is not available in the used one. That is why the measurement wise how far the used one fits the use of your purpose that needs to be evaluated meticulously and judiciously.

It is better to taste the conditions of the rail because if its defected there is the chance of accident as well as the purchased will of no use. In case of re-manufactured rail, even it is not according to the norms of International Safety Standard.
Used stair lifts may require more frequent maintenance, so you need to check if it has any AMC with any service provider, if it is not better you should go for it, or it is better to do a fresh contract, it will save money as well as hassles.

Check for the spare parts in the spare parts units. If the model is an old model irrespective of its good quality unavailability of spare part in requirement will perish its utility and if a second one has to be purchased all your previous investment will be at vein.

While purchasing a used stair lift you should check its history and the fact that whether it was a first hand one that time or the seller purchased it in reconditioned condition. It is better to ask for the bill or the warranty cards to be sure about the previous history.

Stair lift systems, which are not run by battery, may require assistance of an licensed electrician and for this kind of installation you need to check your electric meter’s user capacity and limit.

If you are intending to purchase a straight stair lift system it is easy to install but if tit is curved one you need to ask a trade expert for proper installation because hardly it is possible that the stair case in the second will of the same specification as the first stair cases where the system was installed.

It is a tasted fact that stair lift remains active and workable up to 10 years of it quality use. So if you are purchasing a reconditioned one better to purchase from a reputed dealer with their own guarantee and from some reconditioned branded names .This will ensure better quality service in comparison to purchase out of mouth’s word from your neighbors.