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Churchill Stairlifts

Churchill stairlifts is a UK stairlift manufacture. Churchill stairlifts have been arround Companion stairliftfor about 10 years in the UK and pride them self on customer satisfaction by applying a personal touch. Churchill tries to asses each customer need individually and give onsite quotations.

Churchill stairlifts sell straight from the factory in order to bring you lower costs by having less overhead.

Churchill stair lifts come in three main models

The Sandringham for straight stair cases.

The Windsor stairlift for curved staircases with flat landings. The windsor features an automatic hinged rail which allows unrestricted access around doorways and tight spaces

The Balmoral curved stairlift designed for internal curves with fanned landings. The Balmoral uses a tube rail less then 8cm in diameter keeping your stairway free and clear for normal use.

All Churchill stair lifts are installed in less then half a day, require little to no alterations to your current home and come in a variety of colors and fabric options.

Once you place your order, you stair lift will be delivered and installed in about 4 weeks. All stairlifts come with a 12month guarantee that covers all parts and labor.


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