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Companion Stairlifts

Companion stairlifts is one of the main UK stairlift suppliers. Companion lifts are Companion stairliftcustom tailored for every staircase to assure a perfect fit.

When you place an order in the UK a Companion stairlift employee comes to our location and measures your stair and preconfigured your lift system to ensure a perfect fit every time.

Companion stair lifts have a very slim design letting you maintain maximum use of your stairs as normal. When not in use the footrest, seat and armrest all fold up and out of the way.

To activate the stair lift you simply push a paddle in the desired direction and the chair will glide smoothly in the desired direction.

In the event that multiple users will use the stairlift in a single home, Companion includes two remotes with every lift so you can call the lift back down to you.

Companion stairlifts run on a 24v motor that is powered by two 12v batteries allowing use in the event of a power outage. The lift recharges when it sits at either the top or bottom of the stairs.

In the event that the stairlift is blocked, there is seven safety sensors to automatically stop the lift to prevent harm or damage to anyone or anything.

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