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Meditek Stairlifts

Meditek Stairlift was founded by Derek nicholson in 1994. Meditek stairlift is privetly family owned company who manufactures an their stairlifts out of Durham, England.
Meditek stairliftMeditek Stairlifts sell the their stair lift products arround the world including Austria, Belgium, France, England, Holland, Denmark, Ieland, Isreal, Italy, malta, Switzerland, Germany, US, and Australia giving them a huge share of the global market.


Mediteks line includes indoor stairlifts, outdoor stairlifts that come in both sitdowna and standup models.

Meditek stairlifts are said to be very good value for the money. They have very affordable lifts that are very easy to intall, in most causes install will take less than one hour.

All stairlifts come with a comprehensive 12 month warranty and a life time warranty on the gar box.


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