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Shower Wheelchair

Showering can be a daunty task when you are bound to a wheelchair. shower wheelchairShower Wheelchairs allow the person to independantly use showers and reduce the assistant required by cargivers giving you back your independance.

Shower wheelchairs also refered to as commode either come in flat bottom or which chairs shaped like a toiletseat to gain access to the underside when showering. Showerwheelchairs are designed out of stainless rust proof steel and atrong abs plastic.

When purchasing a shower wheelchair be sure to take the size of your shower opening into consideration. The wheelchair must be thin enough to allow access to the shower and be high enough to allow the parton to reach the showers controls with ease.

Shower wheelchairs generally light weight are foldable allowing easy transportation while traveling.

If you still have a bit of mobility you may also want to consider a walk in bathtub which allows fairly easy access with a seated bathing postion.

Buy shower wheelchair
Bathroom wheelchairs start as low as $200 and go up depending on the features and size and brand of the chair. This is a small price to pay to regain your independance.