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Stair Lifts

Stair lifts also known as chair lift, electric stairlifts, stairway elevator, and stair stair liftgliders are essentially chairs that aid people that have difficulty climbing stairs. Stair lifts have been helping elderly and handicapped gain maximum mobility by eliminating the hassle of stairs. Home stair lifts are becoming more and more affordable to the average person. Do you have a loved one bound to a single floor of their house? Chair Stair lifts are essentially a seat on rails that aids a person up a flight of stairs.

Stairway lifts are either constructed out of aluminum rails in which the stair chair glides up by a pulley cable or a chain. The chair is generally facing the side as it travels up the stairs. Generally the household models come with a seat, back rest arm rails and a foot rest. Rails can be customized to go either straight up the stairs or curve around corners, making electric stair lifts working any home.

Wheelchair stair lifts are a heavier duty model that consists of a platform rather then a seat used to lift the wheelchair up the stairs. Wheelchair stair lifts are generally used in public areas or outside of residential homes.

Stair lift chair installation
Stair lifts are fairly easy to install, they are attached to either the wall or the stairs. Chair lifts come in either electric or battery operated that can be connected to common household plugs preventing the for custom wiring.. Battery electric stairlifts have the advantage of working even in a power outage, although the batteries have to be replaced periodically.
Stair glides can be installed as closes as 7” from the wall allowing maximum useable stair area.

When not in use most home stair lifts models have fold up seats and foot rests allowing maximum access to the stairway. The majority of stairlifts come with seatbelts and locking swivels to allow 90 or 45 degree access.

Buy Stair Lifts
stairlifts start from about 1500 for a basic straight chair lift and can range anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 for custom lifts with numerous curves and angles. Most stair chairs are equipped with safety features to stop the chair in the incident that it comes in contact with an object such as an animal.

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