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Summit Stair Lifts

Summit stairlifts is a US based company located in Lake Winnebago, MO. Summit staiflifts uses an aircraft cable system to raise and lower the chair up the stairs.
Sterling stairliftSummit stair lifts have a very simple installation and require no structural modification. Their lifts bolt directly to you existing stairs rather than your wall for lengths up to 20'.

The controls are attached to the armrest and require constant pressure as a safety feature, when you release the control or let off pressure the chair will stop. Switches automatically shut off the chair once it reaches the top or bottom. Swivel seats allow easy entry and exit of the stair chair.

Summit stairway lifts are rated at 300lb load capacity.

Summits stairlift come with a three year parts and five year power train warranty.

The Summit Max is the heavy duty version of the stair lift that can handle up to a 500 lb load. The chairs can be called by either a wall mounted control or hand held remote control. The summit max operates on 115v at 15 amps. Summit max has a 2 year parts and 5 year power train warranty.

All of summits stair lifts are made in America and come in either battery or AC powered models. The batter stair lifts are always charging regardless of its position on the tracking assuring you will never be left stranded.

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